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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Money Opinions

We all live on opinions. By the time we reach teen age we are just brimming with beliefs, windmill theories, attitudes and judgement calls. Our wisdom is freely dispensed, at dinner tables, in the company of friends and in that halo zone, the doting extended kith and kin. Opinion rules all over in advertisements, voting, choices and near every other decision.

Our personal take on subjects as diverse as UFO's to global warming clamour for audience. But in a world increasingly deafened by too many opinions, begrudgingly demanding to be accorded equal weight to each and every say, ear fatigue steals in. And who or what is right is being given the run around. But buzz - your opinions - are important. They create bonding. They are an easy way to vent off frustrations, get to know others and solve problems. Everyone gets to a point where they get a longing to want to leave a legacy of their sayings, the last word.

But there's one podium where your opinion really counts-the personal podium. It's where, whoever, whatever sways you, however compelling the drums sound for any opinion, where what you say, believe in can devastate or let the lights come on, on you. But be careful, opinions can mob you. These are the verbal outposts which we rarely if ever change. They sometimes put the lights out in our lives.

Here's one candle to dispel a very opinionated darkness. It's a vehicle to look into your financial self, who you want to be. A suggestion to unpack your imagination and look beyond today's harangues.

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Cally Rao