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Monday, June 1, 2009

Beware - Cash Flow Hypothermia

Hypothermia sets in when the body temperature falls below 95°F (35°C). The condition can kill . A continuous exposure to this temperature especially in cold weather can cause hypothermia. Everyone in their lifetime experiences cold and feeling a chill.Goose bumps accompanied by chattering teeth , aching limbs induce sleep and if you don’t do nothing , death could ensue. Often a little jumping in place and a warm drink is all it takes to get body heat surging the heart back to life ! But there’s another kind of hypothermia that affects income earners and financial winners of families when troubles and worries overwhelm . They infect and rout your enthusiasms and squash the sparks of life and hypothermia sets in. All of your dreams for the financial well being for yourself and the family quickly descend into unmarked graves.Yet all it would take to resurrect your financial breathe is a piece of paper that lists all your goals on one hand and what you’ve got in terms of assets – savings nest , job , family network , other support nets – in the other hand . Unpursued , forgotten goals and dreams remain clay until you breathe life into them. Be on guard against this demon which routinely, seamlessly can strike us BUT you simply have to wrestle your future back from it’s claws . Today’s income is no oak tree. Search the entrepreneur within you , start preparing for a financial 9/11. Routine living dulls our minds and induces well . Shrugging off routine , trying something we are not good at yet , attempting new things renews the spirit. Could you write a book ? Paint something that can be framed or interpret a Bach piece on that old accordion ? Keep a scrapbook of your best ideas. You may get cold feet but as you chug on you’ll get juiced .Cynicism , another relative of hypothermia eats the heart out of entrepreneurship. So don’t divine the next move! Get away from the tears and tear into something you always wanted to do! Get away from that well worn chair in front of the TV. Take a chance on chance. One oft advised road back to financial life is to diversify your income streams .
Diversify Your Income

But building a secondary income in your free hours would be a smart move. If you are not familiar with what it takes to webify your income and plough those free hours into generating income into your personal economy check out the resource below.So here’s to your success , carved out against the odds and chaos but when the results kick in it’s been a battle worth it’s blood.

Second Income

To you and your family's future,
Cally Rao