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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do You Really Want To Quit ?

What if you come to realise you may have studied the 'wrong' thing in university? That you have zero affinity for numbers despite that accountancy degree? In my old peoples' time they'd just bite the bullet , endure and stay in the job.But times have and are a'changing.With globalisation opportunities for job and career hopping have come flung open.Careers unheard of fifteen years ago are now the norm.Hate being a lawyer? Become a chef!Don't like finance? Go into retail.Hate where you are? Go to Korea!

But before you hop, a thing or two to consider :

a]When going into a switch do you have enough transferrable skills to tide you over
in the short run on the new job?
b]Are you willing to slash your paycheck because you are starting at near bottom
with a steep learning curve ahead?
c]Are you really interested in your new found career or have been swept off your
feet by some image of it ?
d]Take small first steps.Instead of plunging and ploughing rightaway into your new
career try working weekends on it.When your gumption or instincts tell you that
you have both talent,resources and seed money,do you quit.

Though there is nothing wrong chasing your dreams or striking out to be numero uno just be sure your decidion is based on clear , practical thinking and not a sudden squall of emotions.The best thing you can do is PLAN your change.

Here however is a 'change' that won't sink your boat.Check it out and weigh.

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Cally Rao