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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Watching Life From The Stands ?

The modern workplace has undergone tremendous changes not least among them : sitting spaces . Sitting tools tie people down to their computers and work stations .

But there is a raging debate going on , albeit noiselessly ,  about sitting.That there are consequences and costs to sitting : sitting down way too much of the time of our working hours .A combination of sitting , lack of movement and being in an inactive state for long hours can wear out almost any spine in the long run.Not to mention what else can follow in tow : obesity , shortness of breath , risk of heart attack/s and a sapping of your capacity for energies.This isn't any good : for the individual, for the company or for the family rainmaker.

The way forward , out and away from being disabled by sitting inactivity is to take responsibility and personal control rather than being set adrift.That our life is in our hands and all it takes is to remember we are designed for movement : in other words to switch between sitting, standing, walking and all of the other postures in between.So it's time to get up , take a walk , shake , loose and limber up the scaffolding of your physical frame.

There is another area where we can fall asleep "at the wheel" , get into the habit of sitting down for months and then to years and watch life pass by.

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