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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Resume For Cash Flow

1.Deliver What Your Employer Is Looking For

Your resume merely sums up what you have been doing all this while and leaves the door ajar to your would be employer to figure out how you can help them or their firm.Can you sell yourself that way any more?It might be a better way to get to know the company you are going to work for:their products,culture,goals and competition.Now WHERE can you add value?Can YOU cut costs somewhere or take productivity up from off the shop floor? Remember when you are hired the company cedes a part of the management and control processes and the resources and power that go with it to you.Should you not therefore tell them what you plan to do with that responsibility?Question and answer interviews are yesterday's tedium.If you present your requests and plans professionally and it becomes apparent that they will profit from hiring you a good company will go a certain distance to consider the things that are important to you.

2.According to recent polls,70% of American households are thinking about starting a home-based business! From stay-at-home moms to your local baker, from friends who do multi-level marketing to your doctor, from those who wish they could quit their day jobs to your sister who'd like to retire.Now the next step:how do you generate sales,bring the money in from your start up? How can you become the rainmaker?The old fashioned sales routine of cold calls, telemarketing, pounding the pavement, knocking on doors and trying to visit people who don't want to see you is DEAD.Imagine the following two scenes:
Scene 1: A buyer has a problem and needs to fix it.You happen to have called the buyer that same day.You were lucky and was able to show him a solution to his problem.
Scene 2: Same buyer. Has the same problem and needs to solve it fast.He starts woodpecking for a solution. So he goes out and talks to friends, or comes upon an ad, or looks into the yellow pages, reads an article somewhere and hears about you.So he calls you on the phone to see if you could help.

Whether you want to go out and work for someone or help one of these would-be entrepreneurs your skill blade has to be sharper.

To your future ,

New Rules For Landing A Job

Cally Rao