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Monday, June 11, 2018

Your Fashion Sense Can Make Or Break You !

Image is everything today! Fashion sense of yesterdays
generations have taken a beating , a severe one,in the marketplace. If your job requires you to be in the public eye you'll need to dress up or dress the part. The wrong attire will set you up for mocking.But it isn't just about duplicating someone.It's about
how you look best in your own colours and style - in other words being you , yourself.So before you rush into a new  wardrobe ask yourself what makes you look your best.The secret is pick out some fundamentals - from an era [ the 80s for e.g.] ,from a line of fabrics [linens...],from a culture[ Italian...].Dressing better improves your image. And image leads to sales and sales bring on cash flow. It's ,at the end of the day , a part of your personal branding.Your look is incomplete without the right clothes.Dress like you're worth millions.Settling for a dull look was a choice you took or made.Don't treat dressing as an afterthought!
The fact is dressing can make or break your success. 

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