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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Realities of Web Hosting Today...

You are a small business person, or are about to start. You care deeply about success. It's more than the money. It directly speaks to quality of life, to freedom and independence, to self-fulfillment.
99% of small business sites fail. The small business Web hosting industry even has a term for this, the "churn rate". [SHOW] .Yes, old-fashioned Web hosting, the standard Web hosting that is offered everywhere and by the largest of companies, virtually dooms small businesses from the start. SBI! is modern Web hosting, complete with all the tools you need. If "Web hosting" was "transportation," SBI! would be a NASCAR or F1 automobile, complete with a full staff of automated pit crew and coaches, that you drive to victory.

What about standard, old-fashioned Web hosts (ex., 1&1, verio, yahoo, etc., etc.)?   "Park it over there in the corner." You rent space on their computers. They throw in a snazzy free sitebuilder and other irrelevant tools. But you get no process, no mentoring. And you pay extra for important, success-generating tools and traffic-building staff.

What about blogging, the latest cheap-quick-easy way to "get online"? For special types of small businesses, it can be a good choice. But for most, blogging is the "new fast way to fail" -- don't miss this analysis.
You should make a well-informed, organized, hype-free decision. Try this decision-making software. After you run through its example, enter any Web host you may be considering, add any factors that are important to you. You will make the right choice.

Blog Or Build A Website ?

Cally Rao