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Monday, July 5, 2010

Living Through Personal Crisis

Barbara was meeting with clients when she got a call from home.Interrupting her appointment,she took the call and was stunned when told her daughter has Hodgkin's disease. Growing up in a close knit family,she felt that family comes first.She caught the first flight home thinking that she could sort this out in a week or month.But it ballooned into a mammoth struggle.It dawned on her that though family comes first,yet,she can't let her business go down the drain.

Barbara is one among thousands or perhaps millions who must carry on,on a job while their personal lives are in peril of going as smoke up the chimney.Whatever the cause-illness,death in the family,divorce or losing the home-the emotional and practical pressures of a life crisis can lead to emotional and financial bleeding.In fact people need more,not less income to navigate across to calm waters on the other side.Those who have been there and back suggest some steps which you ought to consider:

1. Tell your employer about your situation.They can't help unless they know what's going on in your life.Frank disclosure of serious personal problems is the best way to go. Emotional relief and help might spring out of this.When colleagues see that you are there at your desk despite your problems they will reach out to you.

2. Don't become a tower to yourself.The old saying that no one is an island is very very true during times of turmoil.Don't take pride in never accepting help.The little ways friends and coworkers reach out to you could well help you raft through the storm.

3. A crisis can rip off financial structures and nests.Should you think of working from home?Perhaps an online income?Consider these life rafts against cloudy financial overhangs.

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