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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Surprising Ideas That Make Money..

Have you ever seen a product or business and recalled or thought to yourself , “Why didn’t I think of that?” While most people daydream every day about 'going west ', only some would step off the treadmill......

I'm selling bespoke metalwork to the public and businesses mostly in the UK. My main business is designing/restoring metal windows for historic buildings. I've also just branched out into bronze commemorative and memorial plaques.Carl Huxley , CH Designs

After being a relationship coach for a few years, I had finally taken the advice of my clients and wrote a book. With high hopes, I began sending off sample chapters. The responses I did get were all along the lines of, "This is great, but who are you?" The plan was to start a free advice site, grow a following and healthy traffic and then push it all to my book when the time was right. was born. 

I started in September 08 with a simple charitable idea: ask the world's knitters and crocheters to send one 8 x 8" square to Southern Africa to be made into blankets for the 1.4 million AIDS orphans, whose number, sadly, increases by about 500 a day.


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