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Monday, February 15, 2010

4 Ways to Prevent Burnout

Not long ago a friend murmured that I was a workaholic.I was startled.Hearing this outside my own head,it slammed me as a dart to my liver.It was shocking to think that getting hooked on work though it was work that I loved could be a problem. As I stepped back and looked at it hard it became apparent that my addiction was punishing family life and edging me towards burnout.Admitting it was hard but I had to and when I did I knew what I needed to do:less!

That's almost true for a lot of us because we are all engaged in work in the marketplace,giving out in countless ways - as directors,partners,shakers and movers,parents,friends,colleagues,children,teachers,artists and caregivers.This work never ends.But we must never overlook that we need to be renewed and recharged.And there's no better time then when our instincts or spider sense or heart beckons us to get out there.Out of cocoons and ivory towers.Here's a to do list that's helped me.

Stay Out Of The Supermarket
Go to farmers' markets whenever you can and smell those freshly harvested produce.Eat outside more often,picnic out.Get a straw hat,fresh bread,cheese,fruits, wine and a friend or two or a group.

Go Outside At Night

Walk around after dark.Admire the stars or how the clouds look in moonlight.Walking outdoors,listening to the waves or hearing voices from long ago from the books in your nearest library, memories or just thinking of your loved ones sharpens senses and ignites passions.

Find A Hayfield Or Hill

Atop a hill drink in of nature's splendors whilst everyone else is rushing headlong into their schedules and pursuits. The meadows, the valleys, rushing winds and swooping birds! And yes, a hayfield.When hay has been cut,drive by.Stop the car, just sit there and through rolled down windows,breathe in the sweet,green fragrances while watching the birds holding circus over fields vanishing into the inking darkness.

Let Go!

Paralysed by the pains or suffering of family and friends and colleagues and classmates or your own struggles?Give yourself some sanctuary,breathing room everyday and you'll find yourself better able to face up to the odds and things.With renewed energy you are wiser in reaching out in ways small and large to change our family's courses and the world.

Prevent Burnout

Cally Rao

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