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Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Not Just Wait..... ?

In Asian folklore,the mouse deer is ascribed mythical wit.One day he reached a river bank on a journey but alas found the river creeping with crocodiles and absolutely unsafe and too wide to cross by wading across either.But he had to think out of the situation to get across to the other side of the river bank.So he called out to the first croc saying that he had been asked to count the number of his kin in the river..if only Mr Croc can arrange for them to string out,he could do that in a snap and so the the crocs assembled one after another. Off jumped the mouse deer onto the back of the first croc counting "1","2","3" and soon he was on the other side of the river bank.And immediately after he waved and vanished. When the crocs found out that they had been had they raged the river dry and gnashed with such fury that almost all of them lost their dentures!

If you are in your 30's and it's another twenty years to go before you plan to retire to a life of leisure sitting on the beach sipping margaritas, have you thought of the croc infested financial waters in between?The future is not a level playing field and is visited with it's own demons,challenges,fears and anxieties.Can something come by and relieve you of your financial nests or fry your strategies? What about the real threat of being made financially homeless-isn't it both a weak weapon and option to be assumptive that friends or self correcting market forces or the government will be there to rescue one?Will Rogers said it right:'Even if you're on the right track,you'll get run over if you just sit there.'

Perhaps it's time to put together a toolbag and seek out to resource your income generating sources.I remember reading an article years ago in the Reader's Digest that said 75% of us have a deep down clamor and yearning to do our own thing.Write a book or..but we never or don't get to.Unless it's a better option to sleepwalk into the future here is an option that has helped me come to terms with what Will Rogers said.

Strike out!

Think Out Of The Box!

Strike Out!

To Your Dreams,

Cally Rao

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