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Monday, February 15, 2010

BE A Rainmaker

Have you given thought to perhaps how valuable an employee you are where you are ? Could you merely clock in and out because you have mouths to feed and be nothing more ? When you took those first footsteps into the marketplace you probably didn't anticipate a great depression ,downsizing ,outsourcing or the economy getting the slammers.The floundering cash flow that has your company put everybody out on the streets ? That , despite the years industriously promoting and tooling yourself up the career ladder and arming yourself with a sharp set of skills - only to find out your company can't afford to keep you around because it's coffers have gone dry. So what do you do now? Here's an idea to ponder . Considering that the wealth of a firm can be it's employees , imagine how valuable you would be if you tripled your firm's revenue this year. Or how about tripling the traffic to their website ? How about saving the company from the hangman of dropping sales ? What's the likelihood your company keeps pace or even stays in business? Can you afford to sit back , stay oblivious and watch your hair turning instantly white with the breaking news that the doors to it's colossal entrance are closing forever in days! In today's ever-changing marketplace, you need to be more than being what you are - you could be the rudder that turns the ship around from shipwreck! LEARN the tools a company needs to use to beat back it's competitors. Take a good look at yourself and ask yourself : Could I be a rainmaker ? Have I ever thought of being a rainmaker ? What have I done for the company ? Now is the time to be the Obi Wan Kenobi for your company!

May the force be with you !

What Have You Done For Your Company?

Cally Rao

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