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Monday, March 29, 2010

Making Money

From ancient times making money has always been the catalyst for trade routes, silk routes, explorations to open up new worlds and entrepreneurship. The need,want and how to make money has made small communities and entrepreneurs take risks and start over and over again from setbacks and failures-just so that making money,earning ever more and more money can be kept up on.New toolkits to make money,better ways to growing money as against the traditional keeping of herds and flocks,agricultural harvests or cottage industries has driven financial pilgrims and pioneers to new shores and frontiers.The persisting on onto unchartered endeavours,searching for ever different ways to making money will never die off.Witness the skill and technology changes within whole societies moving from the agricultural age into the industrial age onto the information age and into the space age driven largely in part on wings of money economics.Nations earning off from commerce.

The Internet has both expanded and changed the ways to generate money. An on line marketer has available to him thousands of ways to make money. Earning off affiliate programs,from providing services such as legal work or banking or dropshipping have flung open doors for entrepreneurs to earn money across the globe without having to physically traverse air, sea or land routes or by horse and camel as in yester years.The best and easy ways to making money today can be launched right from bedrooms or basements or a cave.Difficult times such as now have forced people to rethink ways to generating incomes and move away from traditional corporate jobs or as employees to find daring and novel ways to making money as risk takers and venturers into the unknowns. No frontier today can escape the 'veni,vidi,vici' ( I came, I saw, I conquered ) footsteps and spirit of the entrepreneur because making money has become tied to survival today's economy.

Finding ways to money well is an 'art and craftsmanship factor' too.The difference between winning and losing is the earning game is the craftmanship factor.It's born out of your ability to combine tools,skills and talent in making money.Imagine if Mr Flintstone had 'discovered' a special barbecue sauce, he would have made enough money working from home instead of commuting into the jungle.Just as Sam Brennan did during the 'Gold Rush' by selling shovels instead of prospecting for gold himself.Those who won't put forth the effort nor learn skills would have to wait for a genie to deliver their wishes.Would you rather not be an action taker?Most marketers including Internet Marketers ask you to follow or duplicate their system to become rich.The 'art factor' says you have to have some originality in your money making toolbag.

Keep company with performers and doers in marketing.The ultimate goal of any endeavour is to have it become the flagship rainmaker.Financial abundance comes from the belief and persistence that you can accomplish what you want inspite of what else is happening around you. Sometimes we may not have 'everything' but David did slay Goliath with nothing.He used his own weapon-a sling and a stone.It's time to find your slingstone and overwhelm debt, living paycheck to paycheck,fear of a layoff,fear of being busted,fears of a whole slew of things.Make money before age inks out the years of our lives. Haul anchor and sail away.

Unlock The Game

Cally Rao

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