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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Will Never Get Rich With Just Your Regular Salary

Too many entrepreneurs and business owners have succumbed to the notion that they cannot shake off from their present job highway and move on.If that's the way you feel too either have some serious personal leadership issues that need to be worked on or you need to remind yourself that you don't have forever to plant a cash tree.You might think you are indispensable where you are or are warming yourself in your own glow but unless you exercise the freedom of stepping off the beaten tracks from time to time your rainmaking ability will slowly collapse and you will become nothing more than an employed asimo.

We don't have free minds only to enslave them to averageism, being contented with or philosophize about our choices.We are not meant to drift aimlessly without purpose and direction.We must engage in and use our talents and skill technologies to their fullest in ways each of us sees best.To do otherwise is to waste our lives by personal choice.Impoverished communities or captive men and women caught up in prison camps or slavery know too well the banality of waste:human life of tremendous potential reduced to mere existence,slithering in and out of the days of their life.Denied all will to make use of the best of their talents and energies their lives wither away into oblivion.

If your economic productivity is handcuffed or your rainmaking is closetted in a tower of self erected mediocrity then your life has lost it's sense of purpose.Don't seek refuge in a rathole.Wherever you may be,whether a baker or in an office,on an assembly line or a teacher don't plant yourself in a place too small to grow in.You expand your life by using your talents and imagineering.Remember the beginnings of the electric bulb or the wheel or the torch?

Starting your own internet business is one breakaway.You'll have the freedom to concentrate on a passion.The freedom to set your own work hours.The freedom to work from wherever you are in the world.Best of all you take the first steps towards financial abundance.

Plant A Cash Tree 1

Plant Another

Cally Rao

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