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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Step Into Innerpreneurship!

As a new year scrambles to roll out the carpet for you isn't it time to ask yourself if those words still echo down your memories- the time when Grandpa said :'You're really gonna be somebody .You'll make a dent .You'll be successful.' Or have those words withered out of memory's ground? Connect with that big picture unless you want to leave your life to careen to a dead end story! Stop sending out that press release about what you 're going to do while leaving it to amnesia to pay the bill. If you discovered an inner streak of non conformism , a propensity for risk taking , and been a beaver for a new opportunity/ies , hungry to be different , then it's time to fulfill Grandpa's prophecy.

Replant the plant. It's time to think of your full potential , saddle up and blaze fresh , new trails .Walk away from the treadmill , break rank from the mundane where you know you're just going to be a square peg in a round hole all over again. Get ruthless .Make the new year a year of beginnings , renewing the pages of your individual history. Become more of what you really are - seize the day! We've all had career missteps but change has to start now. The past should not hold hostage the future. As the new year rings in , zing up Grandpa's words again.

Here's an avenue : become a problem solver instead and start preparing for a future personal financial hostage crisis.

Be Your Own Casting Director

Cally Rao

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