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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Tomorrow Trap

For Rachel , the key was a greater sense of financial security. For years she postponed her dream of expressing her creative and artistic side. Intent on saving for the future and the children , she spent 20 years at a computer company skimping on sleep , and activities . But the toll was massive. She loathed the heavy travelling her job required - often she burst into tears in front of her computer . At home she became irritable. She hardly knew where the children were . One day feeling a little comforted by a small nest of savings , she stepped out and signed up for interior design school. She found fascination returning to her life .......Living for the future , taking solace or refuge in visions of a relaxed and exciting life " somewhere" down the road have become mirages that a lot of us chase and let's just call it the tomorrow trap. But in reality we just end up burying ourselves in our careers and pursuits. " Someday I'll ....... " or " You won't find me being that ... " etc etc are very emotionally seductive swansongs . Captives of this rationalisation feel rushing past fun , family , friends and laughter as noble and worthwhile . But err the burnout , loss of motivation , exhaustion and the death of celebrating life arrives , step out and just go and do it today!

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