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Monday, March 19, 2012

Start A Wild Ride....

Have you ever looked into the heavens and asked a hundred questions ?Why were we born wherever we are ? What is life ? What's behind of life when we vanish into death ? By the time we are done fumbling , fuming , wringing for the answers , well , we are grown up .But the chapters to our lives are just about to roll out.Very soon we get out of college and dive into the marketplace.Another chapter to the story of our lives begs for a title : what are we going to or should do with the rest of our lives ?
So we dig  into the marketplace and  carom ourselves  around , building careers. Carving , paving paths that 'everybody' does - the safe , the comfortable , the common and keeping  to the gemutlichkeit of our commune. Hoping that our dreams will bring the rains.

But sadly,quite like it had been for our old people , after majoring in wrong turns here and there , we scramble back again under the same skies , back onto the same spot on the beach  seeking  both solace and answers to another question : Will I be a person of substance ever ?
All of our efforts haven't behaved.Those cherished dreams have fled from memory , forgotten like the forms of last week's clouds.
Yet can we hang our life out to dry ?
Go throw yourself into another mellee!
It's time to do some exciting things in life.
Keep being in the habit of taking risks - small , perhaps- now and then.

Start something...

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Two frogs fell into a bucket of cream on a dairy farm. " May as well give up ," croaked one after trying in vain to get out." We're goners!"
" Keep on paddling ," said the other frog." We'll get out of this mess somehow ! "
" It's no use," said the first ." Too thick to swim . Too thin to jump. Too slippery to crawl . We're bound to die sometime anyway , so it may as well be tonight ."
He sank to the bottom of the bucket and gave up his soul.His friend just kept on paddling , and paddling .
And by morning he was perched on a mass of butter which he had churned all by himself.There he was , with a grin on his face , eating the flies that came swarming from every direction . Neil Eskelin , Yes Yes Living In A No No World o World