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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Go After Your Goals Like A Shark Would!

Sharks can only swim forward.
They don't know the other way. 
They never stop moving .
Some scientists say they are fast moving missiles.

They don't allow themselves to be caught off guard.
They have a honed  tool bag to hunt and kill, from the way they push themselves silently  through water to their legendary senses of smell and hearing and not excepting those glistening walls of teeth.

Now think of your life - how often have you set goals as you swam thru' the seas of life only to have forgotten all of them a few days later ? How often have you allowed goals to get out of sight ?
Have you gone out after your dreams like a shark WOULD ?
It's time to turn shark [ for the good things , i.e.].

Like A Shark Would..

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